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I’d often heard that once your kids start school then the year seems to go faster because you’re living from term to term. Well, it certainly is true!

This year saw Taruna start Year 2 after having completed Year 1 at his Montessori preschool last year. His transition into Year 2 was seamless and he has really enjoyed his first year at big school and has made many friends. His preschool teacher was so dedicated to ensuring he was up to date in all his schooling that she willingly offered her time to tutor Taruna in the Christmas holidays prior to school starting at the beginning of this year.

Taruna has also developed a love of soccer and in October started playing Futsal indoor soccer. He has a natural ability to play and we can see him improving every week. PJ, for the last two weeks, has been arriving with Taruna earlier at soccer to let Taruna and his team-mates have a bit of practise beforehand. It has really made a difference to their game. The coach of Taruna’s team has willingly offered to pass the job of coaching over to PJ because the existing coach does not know how to play soccer and only took on the role to please his wife! PJ has willingly accepted the new role and I’m sure he’s going to really motivate the team of Under 8 boys.

Rasika finished off her last year of Preschool this year and will start Year 1 at the same school as Taruna next year. She is looking forward to it. Her preschool teachers say they’re thinking of giving her a special award for being such a great teacher to the younger kids. Both her and Prashan have started back with swimming lessons and they are both progressing really well. Prashan has a natural love of water and can’t wait for us to stop holding onto him in the water.

Prashan has been enjoying his Kindermusik again this year and we also started going to Playgroup. He’s certainly used to me dropping off and picking up the kids. Our biggest challenge with Prashan will be to ensure he doesn’t want to renovate our new kitchen. Our existing kitchen, dining room and family rooms have all been combined into one large kitchen/dining room now and it’s looking great – but as I write this it’s still a work in progress. It will literally be finished a few days before Christmas!

The big event for Gwenda this year was her 15 year High School reunion which she organised in conjunction with her High School friend. The event went really well and now that all the hard work has been done in locating everybody the next event should be much easier to organise. Gwenda is still enjoying keeping fit at the local gym and has recently started boxing with a personal trainer. It’s a really high cardio workout but also a lot of fun. She also bought a saxophone this year and has started to teach herself how to play. Gwenda’s grandpa also turned 90 this year and is an inspiration to us all.

PJ is still enjoying his lawn bowls and he has continued to fit this around his daily schedule of investing and acclique software support. We are continuing to explore various advertising options with Acclique and the business is becoming very solid. This year we also started sending out a fortnightly e-newsletter to our customers called Tax Chatz.

It has been very popular. We continue to be very active within our church and Gwenda was lucky enough to have a weekend away with her fellow homegroup ladies to relax and have fun up at Mapleton.

Well that was our year in a nutshell. We hope you are keeping well and although our lives are all very busy, you are still in our thoughts. God Bless and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.