It’s hard to imagine it is Christmas time again. 2005 has been another exciting year for us. So I’ll start by telling you about Taruna’s year. Taruna was in Year 1 this year but instead of going to a normal primary school he did his Year 1 at the local Montessori Kindy/Preschool which he has been attending for the last two years. Montessori goes in Cycles with Cycle 1 going from ages 3-6. This means that our normal Year 1 is actually the same as doing the third year of Cycle 1. So we decided he would benefit more from completely finishing his Cycle 1 and then next year he will go straight into Year 2 at the Local Primary School. Gwenda also supplemented his studies by doing homeschooling. This third year allowed Taruna to fully cement his previous two years learning and also gave him an important leadership role within the class.

Rasika started Kindy at the same Montessori Kindy/Preschool as Taruna this year. She has really enjoyed her year and is quite social and outgoing. She also started Gymnastics this year and has quite a natural flair for the sport. She is now 4 years old. Taruna has also started Gymnastics too.

Prashan is currently 18 months old and is quite outgoing and very mischievious. Just this morning he got into Gwenda’s makeup and poured Foundation out everywhere. It’s when they’re quiet that you know they’re up to something….. Prashan is already showing he’s quite a comedian and he has also developed a lovely singing voice and can sing Twinkle Twinkle, and a Christian song called ‘I am Alive’ nearly pitch perfect. Gwenda joked to PJ that he will be able to sing before he can talk!

Gwenda still sings at her local Church and is this year taking part in the Christmas Carols which are always a big production. Her time is still mainly taken up in mothering our three children and she also enlisted the help of a Personal Trainer this year to get back into shape. It’s working!

PJ is still enjoying Lawn Bowls immensely and is also responsible for servicing the customers of our accounting software package called Acclique. We are very excited and proud to say that we were awarded a Highly Commended in the Online Business category of the 2005 Micro Business Network Awards this year for Acclique. Our package is also now listed on the ATO’s website for ATO compliant software packages.

The end of the year saw all of our family, including PJ’s parents, go to Fiji for an 8 day holiday to celebrate PJ turning 40 this year. Everyone had a lovely time and it’s a very child friendly destination. Rasika had her hair braided which she loved. We’re soon off to Canberra to go to the wedding of one of PJ’s cousins. We’re taking 3 days to drive down and 3 days back with lots of sightseeing stops along the way.

We hope you have a very safe and relaxing Christmas and you have been in our thoughts this year. Take Care and God Bless.

With Love

Jayatarras Pty Ltd