The Best Library Management Software for Home-Based Business

Need to keep track of your library?

You started out trying to set up a business — but along the way you acquired a library of
books, tapes, business aids/literature and CDs. How to manage it?

AccliqueLib® is the answer! This stand-alone package will instantly tell you:

  • What material have I currently lent to people?
  • When do I expect my outstanding materials to be returned?
  • What material do I own by a specific author?
  • How many books, tapes etc do I own?
  • How often do I lend a certain item?

ACCLIQUELib® can also link in with your Acclique® accounting software package.

ACCLIQUELib® allows Business Owners to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time out in the community
doing what’s most important – talking to people and generating income.

  • ACCLIQUELib® comes on CD with everything you need.
    (Runs on most MS Windows platforms. Minimum 32Mb RAM.)
  • On-line user guide provided.
  • Support is available 24hrs a day through our Help Desk.
  • This robust package can also keep track of your home library, music/movie collection, or keep a list of your home’s valuables for insurance purposes – invaluable!
  • A package that is affordable by ALL.

ACCLIQUELib® is affordably priced from only A$66.00 (including GST)!

All major credit cards accepted.

ACCLIQUELib® can be run five(5) times prior to registering the product with Jayatarras Pty. Ltd.

Jayatarras Pty Ltd is committed to providing superior software packages to meet the market’s needs.

You can help us in our commitment by letting us know of your suggestions to improve ACCLIQUELib® in future versions.
We are most happy to discuss these suggestions with you personally. Please indicate in your feedback form if you would like us to contact you.

Please note that under Australian Government privacy laws, customer information will not be used outside of ACCLIQUELib®.