Reflect and Replenish…

Are you looking for a safe space where you can reflect upon your ministry practice? Would you like to be refreshed, replenished, and revitalised ready to serve God in new ways?

Do you need a person of trust who understands the privilege and responsibility of vocational ministry to hear your hopes, experiences, and concerns?

Professional Pastoral Supervision offers you a safe space, and trusted person, with whom you can share and reflect upon your ministry journey.

It focuses on the particular needs of pastors, clergy, chaplains, missionaries, pastoral carers, and ministry workers.

What is Pastoral Supervision?

Kenneth Pohly describes Pastoral Supervision as, “a broad space to talk about whatever is happening in ministry, sensitive to God’s voice and the spiritual…”  He says that this leads to “…transition and transformation, resulting in the minister having enhanced self-awareness, ministering competence, theological understanding and Christian commitment.”1

Pastoral Supervision is a reflective practice that is relationship-based. Your continual learning and flourishing are always in mind.

It’s a space where you can reflect on the past, in the present, for the sake of the future.2

1 Kenneth Pohly, Transforming the Rough Places: The Ministry of Supervision, 2.
2 Jane Leach and Michael Paterson, Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook, 13.

What does a Pastoral Supervision session look like?

In our first session together, we discuss what supervision is (and isn’t), set short and long-term goals, and clarify roles and responsibilities so that our supervisory relationship gets off to a great start.

The rest of our first session, and each session thereafter, is focussed on meeting your current needs and desired outcomes for that session so that we make the best use of our time together. And I also check in with you at regular intervals to make sure our supervision sessions are continuing to meet your needs.

How do I book a Supervision session?

To book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your supervision needs, please contact me via:

Mb: 0400 434 963

Professional Pastoral Supervision costs $120 per hour session (incl. GST)
SU Australia School Chaplaincy Supervision costs $100 per hour session (incl. GST)

I am an approved professional pastoral supervisor for:
* Queensland Baptists (QB);
* SU Australia (SU);
* The Salvation Army Australia (TSA)

“As a pastor, I need to talk with a wise and confidential mentor about the grey areas of ministry. Gwenda provides this for me.” 

Pastor, Brisbane

I look forward to offering you a safe space where you can reflect upon your ministry practice and be replenished.

About Me

Hi, I’m Gwenda. I’m passionate about seeing people thrive and flourish in ministry. With a background in both pastoral ministry and chaplaincy, I understand the unique demands and challenges that pastors, chaplains, and ministry workers face in their contexts. I offer professional pastoral supervision both in-person, and online. I am located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

GWENDA JAYAWARDHANA | MDiv, GradCert Prof Sup (Pastoral), AAOS (Assoc.)

Mb: 0400 434 963

“Gwenda is an amazing supervisor! She is always warm, welcoming and so easy to talk to! I feel confident sharing with her. She is truly supportive and encouraging, and I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted and valued.”

Pastor, Brisbane

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