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We are an Australian-owned family company. Together, PJ and Gwenda, have a wide range of experience in Christian Ministry, Accounting, Property Management, Project Management, and Systems Design.

Gwenda offers Professional Pastoral Supervision to pastors, clergy, chaplains, missionaries, pastoral carers, and ministry workers. With experience in both pastoral ministry and chaplaincy, she understands the unique demands and challenges that pastors, chaplains, and ministry workers face in their varying contexts. She is also a registered Queensland Baptists Pastor. Gwenda offers her services as a professional pastoral supervisor under the business name, R & R Ministries.

If you’d like to book in a Professional Pastoral Supervision session, or require further information, please click on ‘Reflect and Replenish…’ above or head to

PJ has experience in property management, project management, and systems design. Together we created Acclique® Accounting Software for Home-based Business. More information on this award winning software package can be found at our Acclique® website.